Arthur's Plan of Work and TODO List#

This plan covers work on OrcO and Orctimizer mainly to make them more stable and practical and then work on a larger-scale motivating example. This work has two basic tracks: OrcO and Orctimizer. In both cases, the goal is to make something stable to work with. However, for Orctimizer there is research to be done once we have Orctimizer working in a way that allows it to be used on larger scale Orc(O) programs.

OrcO Work#

On hold while I focus on the Orctimizer for PLDI'18

These issues duplicate information from the tracking issue on Github.

  • Implement OrcO type system and type checker.
  • Improve OrcO standard library.
  • Document OrcO.
  • Maybe handle some of the usability enhancements.

Orctimizer/PorcE Work#

This is the current project as of Nov 2017. The target is a PLDI'18 submission.

  • Perform benchmarking against Python (async and sequential) (2 week)
  • Evaluate additional optimizations that will be needed
  • Experiment with a "concurrency knob" which changes the amount of concurrency remaining the output program
    • Including investigating runtime Truffle reoptimization based on environment changes (CPU load, etc)

As needed by motivating examples do the following:

  • Implement Porc JavaScript backend for Porc

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