Benchmarks For Orc#



  • Savina is an Actor Benchmark Suite. Used in Savina - An Actor Benchmark Suite: Enabling Empirical Evaluation of Actor Libraries by Benoit Daloze, Stefan Marr, Daniele Bonetta, Hanspeter Mössenböck.
  • TODO: There is an implementation of Savina in SOMns (a newspeak implementation).
  • The Computer Language Benchmarks Game is a microbenchmark set which has many implementations in many languages. The current set is designed to be run on 4-core 64-bit machines. It's benchmarks are definitely synthetic, but implementing these benchmarks could be interesting as a way to compare to a very wide range of languages (from PHP and JRuby, to LISP and OCaml, to C and ADA). They provide harnesses for running the tests on our own machines.

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