Meeting of 10/28/08

Implement Snoopy semaphore
Adrian's idea: 
Allow specialized channels to be created under Buffer(), such as
1-sender 1-receiver, multiple senders 1-receiver, etc. This will
allow us to implement operations such as closenb efficiently.

How to code Readers-writers?

Write a Gui as an event-based program.

if-then-else is to remain. Clarify its precedence wrt other operators.

Put a subsection on operator precedence as part of complete syntax.

Define getAll() in the User Guide.

Add a lot of standard Idioms:

* Guarded commands
* Stateful computations
* use of semaphores
* Using channels to communicate between f and g in f | g and f << g
* implement a while loop
* detect convergence of monotonic computation using a separate thread
* Services that return streams; how to write stream-based computations

Include afold in the Library

Wait on:
Further optimizations
implementing types

Read up Meijer's work

Extensive documentaton of code and features

                   Some Points from Prior meetings

Colophon will be too exhaustive to maintain. Adrian's idea: add a
news section to the web site, and post significant changes.

GradFest demo