Version 0.9.6 Released#

The goal of this release is to get important bugfixes and enhancements released before we embark on a significant refactoring of the engine to make it more extensible.

Highlights of this release:


  • Improved prototype type checker and type annotation syntax: now actually usable for most real programs.
  • withLock, rangeBy, altMap, joinMap, seqMap functions added to stdlib.
  • types which can be tested for structural equality are registered in a set which can be augmented by user libraries.
  • Prototype runtime (dag, token, etc) support for transactions.
  • Prototype implementation of nestable and independent logical timers.
  • Set, Map, and Array support site call notation for reading and
writing elements, e.g. "a(3) := 4"


  • Compiler service works correctly.
  • Web service examples work correctly.
  • Compiles and runs under JRE 1.6 (Java SE 6).
  • The "unguarded recursion checker" handles semicolon correctly.
  • Fix bugs with foldr1 and range in stdlib.
  • Fix bug with using immutable values as keys in Map and Set.


  • Publish patterns (">!x>") no longer supported; use " >x> ( x | ... )" instead.
  • Stdlib "por" and "pand" take lists instead of two arguments.
  • "sequence" stdlib function renamed to "seq".
  • Left and Right datatypes no longer included in stdlib.
  • Tokens are no longer pooled; speed benefit is not significant enough to justify memory wastage.
  • Failed pattern matching in definitions causes an error message.

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