The Orc Eclipse Plug-in#

The Orc plug-in contributes Orc programming language services to the Eclipse IDE. These services include:

  • An Orc perspective, to provide a basic Eclipse window layout and action sets for Orc development.
  • New Orc Project and New Orc File wizards.
  • Integrated Orc parsing with the editor, to flag basic syntax errors as you type.
  • Orc syntax highlighting (token coloring) in the editor.
  • Orc extension to the Outline view to provide an outline of declarations in an Orc file.
  • An Orc project nature to enable the Orc builders and project properties.
  • Orc project properties to control Orc compilation settings.
  • Compile upon save, with markers for errors output by the Orc compiler.
  • Declaration of the Orc file type to Eclipse, so that Eclipse uses the Orc editor, and so that CVS/SVN handle Orc files correctly.
  • Orc launch delegate, so Eclipse can run Orc programs.
  • Orc launch configuration, to provide a method of controlling Orc runtime settings.
  • Orc launch shortcut, so that you can run an Orc file without setting up a Launch Configuration.
  • Sets of icons for Orc files and other objects.
  • A Getting Started guide for a quick start.
  • Tips and Tricks topics with some helpful details.
  • A What's New list for each release.
  • The Orc programming language User Guide.

For OrcEclipse developers#

Eclipse plug-in reading#

Possible Orc–Eclipse IDE integration tasks#

  • Content types -- done
  • Views and editor -- done -- using IMP's
  • Actions: which types? -- done -- using IMP's
  • Project nature -- done
  • Builder -- done
  • Retargetable actions -- done
  • Perspective -- done
  • Decorator -- done
  • Markers -- done
  • Marker help
  • Marker resolution (maybe....)
  • SourceViewerConfiguration -- done -- using IMP's
  • PartitionScanner
  • ContentOutlinePage -- done
  • Launch configuration / launcher -- done
  • Intro -- done
  • Help -- done
  • Cheat sheets?
  • p2 installable unit -- done
  • Feature -- done
  • Update site -- done

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