!!! Orc with Concurrent Objects (OrcO)

OrcO introduces objects to Orc in a manner that embraces the concurrency-first approach of Orc.
In particular, object boundaries are not used to structure concurrency; concurrency within objects is the same as concurrency among objects.
To introduce and control concurrency, OrcO uses the Orc combinators.
Since objects and concurrency are not controlled using the same constructs, OrcO allows concurrency and objects to be orthogonal design concerns.
With respect to Orc, OrcO adds tools for high-level program architecture and globally accessible futures.

A prototype implementation of OrcO is available on [the ODO branch of the Orc git repository|https://github.com/orc-lang/orc/tree/orco-preview/OrcScala].
Work is ongoing to merge OrcO into an Orc release.