This is a list of features that will make up the primary content of the Orc 1.2 release.


See ExplicitRecordSyntax


!Web Services

!Java type interactions

The Orc typechecker is currently limited in its interaction with the Java type system. In particular, it does not interact well at all with Java interfaces; it is not currently possible to use a Java interface as a type in Orc (unlike a class, which is implicitly given an Orc type by the {{class}} declaration). Furthermore, Orc does not even attempt to compute a join for Java types. Though it is impossible to compute a unique join in all cases (due to multiple inheritance through interfaces), there is still a least upper bound in most common cases.

!Unified build procedure

At present, the build procedure is by-hand and cumbersome, involving hidden dependencies and manual changes to multiple files. We would like to unify this build procedure into (ideally) a single ANT build file, with a unified set of build properties, located in a separate repository project whose only purpose is to perform consistent cross-project builds.