Orc Release 2.0#

Release Objectives#

  • Don't regress from Orc 1.2 functions (non-experimental)
  • Greatly improve ease of adopting of Orc ("out of box experience")
    • Enhanced documentation
      • Revised User Guide
      • New Reference Manual
    • Usable error messages, backed with help
    • Re-organized examples
  • Better external tool integration
    • Better OIL XML (with published schema)
    • More easily extended implementation
    • Usable via standard Java Scripting (JSR 223) interface
  • Better maintainability of implementation
    • Complete re-design
    • More regression testing (particularly negative tests)
    • Re-organized test data
  • High-grade Web services implementation
  • Major new language features
    • Records
    • Clarified syntax


Work Plan#

  • Intensive work from now until end December
  • Release candidate by 31 Dec
  • Released by 17 Jan

Team Plan#

Team member Dates away
David 22 Dec-02 Jan
J^T 01 Jan-09 Jan
Amin None
Brian 23-26 Dec ?4-6 Jan?
Blake 15 Dec-Jan

Meetings and Reviews#

  • Kickoff -- 06 Dec
  • Stand-up -- Bi-daily?
  • Status review -- Weekly, Wed 15:30

Communications Outputs#

  • Release announcement on Orc wiki and Orc-lang mail list


Major (i.e. a week or two in duration) activities. Smaller tasks are listed at OrcScalaToDo. Bugs are listed at OrcScalaProblemReports.

Task Start date Finish date People
Finish type checker 06 Dec 14 Dec David
Web Services Demos 16 Dec 7 Jan Blake
Finish first pass of reference manual content 06 Dec ? Brian and Amin
Update DocMaker appendix generation 15 Dec ? David
Work.... ? ?
Work.... ? ?
Release candidate complete (milestone) 31 Dec 2010
Test OrcScala, OrcSites, Orchard, and OrcEclipse plug-in extensively 01 Jan 2011 17 Jan 2011
Orc 2.0 released (milestone) 17 Jan 2011

Quality Plan#


Walk-throughs are handled informally among the team members. No formal reporting results.


All team members changing the codebase must run the JUnit test suite before committing changes to SVN. TODO: What OrcSites, Orchard, and OrcEclipse testing should be run? TODO: Details of qualification testing between 31 Dec and 17 Jan?

Problem Reporting and Corrective Action#

Record problems on the OrcScalaProblemReports page.

Standards, Practices, and Conventions#

  • All text files should have a comment header, similar to the source header found on our existing text files.
  • Before committing, rebuild OrcScala, OrcSites, Orchard and OrcEclipse projects to check for broken dependencies.

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