Orc Release 3.0#

Release Objectives#

Objectives under consideration:

  • Switch build system to SBT
  • Improve Orc modularity:
    • Must continue to be dead simple to run Orc as a first time user: Download one file and run just one command to compile and execute an Orc program.
    • Add ability to deploy a minimal runtime-only Orc implementation.
    • Add ability to mix our compiler and runtime with third-party compilers and runtimes. (Via better adoption of Java Scripting API and added adoption of Graal SDK Polyglot API)
  • Support OrcO
  • Support Polyglot/GraalVM
  • Improve parsers (potentially with parboiled), since Scala parser combinators are slow and appear unmaintained.
  • TBD


  • Orc compiler & runtime distribution (orc-3.0.0.zip)
  • Contributed sites distribution (orc-sites-3.0.0.zip)
  • Orchard (Orc as Web service) distribution (orchard-3.0.0.zip)
  • Orc 3.0 IDE support
  • Orc 3.0 User Guide and Orc 3.0 Reference Manual
  • Updated Orc Web site
  • Orc 3.0 Release Notes

Work Plan#

  • TBD

Team Plan#

Team member Dates away

Meetings and Reviews#

  • TBD

Communications Outputs#

  • Release announcement on Orc wiki and Orc-lang mail list


Task Start date Finish date People

Quality Plan#

  • TBD

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