Tasks to be done in the OrcScala implementation, mostly in preparation for OrcRelease2.0:

Watch the Orc Google Code project issues list for bugs.

Open tasks#

Task Status Doer Origination
New Web services demos In-prog 17 Nov Blake William 08 Sep

Deferred tasks#

Task Status Doer Origination
Create more demos (XML and possibly JSON and Android-based ones) Deferred Blake BJDJ 21 Mar
Implement engine limit on site threads Deferred J^T 26 Aug
Make XML sites namespace-aware Deferred David 14 Dec
Update Orc in-HTML syntax highlighter (as used in Try Orc, etc.) for current lexical grammar Deferred J^T 27 dec
Create regression tests for each kind of exception Deferred David 14 Jul
Enforce early checking of member proxies ("x".foo should fail). This is very rarely an issue. Deferred David 22 Nov
Memoize JavaProxy.hasMember Deferred J^T 13 Jul
Document OrcScala implementation Deferred Jay 29 Sep
Implement javax.script.Invocable Deferred J^T 03 Aug
Reimplement DotSite descendants using records (reimplement all Java lib classes as Scala?) Deferred David 01 Dec

Closed tasks#

Task Status Doer Origination
Extract Orc test suite to new project Done 14 Apr J^T David 11 Apr
Move test_data from OrcExamples to Orc test project Done 14 Apr J^T David 11 Apr
Make Orc docn test suite depend on orcsites/orchard jars Done 14 Apr J^T David 11 Apr
Fix remaining type checker corner cases Done 11 Apr David David 04 Apr
Vague fib-net problem (Issue 70) Discarded 11 Apr J^T/David Amin 03 Oct
Fix (maybe) precedence of if then else Done 08 Apr David BJDJ 05 Apr
Accommodate redundant scheduler shutdown calls. Done 07 Apr J^T J^T 05 Apr
Channel.getAll() should return a Scala List, not Java. Check other sites for same error. Done 07 Apr David J^T 04 Apr
Nuke currying Done 07 Apr David David 01 Apr
Changes re def and import Done 06 Apr J^T BJDJ 01 Apr
Remove Top and Bot keywords -- make them identifiers Done 06 Apr David BJDJ 05 Apr
Rename Buffer to Channel Done 04 Apr David BJDJ 01 Apr
Implement Rclock Done 30 Mar David Jay 30 Mar
Write Reference Manual Done 26 Mar Brian Brian 02 Dec
Expunge Vwait and quiescence from implementation, comments, prelude, examples, tests, documentation, and website for Orc 2.0 Done 26 Mar J^T David 14 Mar
Fix inconsistencies in type parameter list processing in parser, ext, and translator Done 25 Mar David David 16 Feb
Transition web demos using new XML model (spellcheck, Fourmilab, etc.) Done 22 Mar David, Blake BJDJ 21 Mar
Design and implement orc.lib.xml Done 21 Mar David David 8 Mar
Add applicative behavior for records Done 21 Mar David David 2 Mar
Repair Orc-OIL conversion; XML conversion regression tests are failing. Fixed 20 Mar David David 10 Mar
Address whitespace loss issues in the XML serialization of Orc literal values to OIL Fixed 20 Mar David David 26 Jan
Add sqrt Done 14 Mar David Jay 17 Feb
Change Rtimer to Rwait Done David/Brian Jay 23 Feb
Test Orchard Done John, David, Amin, Blake
Move to Scala 2.8.1 Failed J^T J^T 31 Jan
List extractor sites no longer perform extractions on objects implementing Iterable. Restore this functionality by modifying ConsExtractor and NilExtractor, or deprecate it. If we choose not to restore this feature, the library documentation for cons should be modified accordingly. Deprecated David 28 Jan
Update OrcDoc in prelude files Done 21 Jan David J^T 23 Sep
Remove ThreadedSite and ThreadedPartialSite from orc.values.sites.compatibility, since they do nothing. Done 20 Jan David J^T 16 Jan
In the plug-in, allow JAR'ed sites to be added to the classpath. Done 19 Jan J^T J^T 07 Dec
Implement engine limits (max stack depth, max tokens) Done 17 Jan Amin J^T 26 Aug
Determine appropriate engine refs to Tokens in a site call Done 14 Jan Amin & David J^T 20 Aug
Migrate DocMaker out of OrcJava Done 31 Dec David J^T 12 Aug
Fix JSON parser Done 29 Dec J^T David 14 Dec
Reorganize examples Done 15 Dec J^T J^T 13 Sep
Option: disable tail call optimization Done 16 Dec J^T David 14 Jul
Fix the recursion problem in engine Done 06 Sep Amin Amin 26 Aug
Design site call threading model Done 22 Jul Amin David 15 Jul
Orc Eclipse plug-in Done 02 Sep J^T David 29 Jul
Implement causality tracking Dropped Sidney 15 Jul
Design replacement for LTimer and Token.setQuiescent Done ?? Oct Jay & Amin J^T 13 Jul
Convert engine to C-machine style execution Done 10 Dec Amin Amin 02 Dec
Compile OrcScala documentation Done 08 Sep Brian Brian 12 Aug
Finish documenting language changes Done 08 Sep Brian J^T 14 Jul
Document Orc lexical properties: OrcLexicalSpecs Done 03 Dec J^T J^T 14 Jul
Re-write/update README and INSTALL files Done 14 Dec J^T J^T 12 Sep
Decide upon and fully Orc options UIs (Command line and Eclipse plug-in) Done 07 Dec J^T J^T 02 Dec
Make Java stack trace dumps optional Done 07 Dec J^T J^T 02 Dec
Fix def aggregator w.r.t. recursion Problem Went Away David Jay 13 Sep
Clean up OrcXML.scala interface (writeXML vs. writeOil... vs. toXML) Done 15 Nov David J^T 24 Aug
Make root XML element in OIL <oil>, like we used to in OrcJava. Done 15 Nov David J^T 24 Aug
Supply source position to recursion warning Done 08 Sep David Jay 31 Aug
Add wiki links to error messages Done 07 Sep J^T J^T 23 Aug
Add wiki links to Eclipse tool tips (hovers) Done 13 Dec J^T J^T 08 Dec
Determine where to suppress Java stack traces on site calls (for example divide by zero) Dropped 06 Dec J^T 23 Aug
Implement progress monitor updates Done 05 Dec J^T J^T 07 Sep
Implement (or retire) remaining execution environments for Orc, see below Done 10 Sep J^T David 14 Jul
Implement type checker Done 15 Dec David J^T 13 Jul
Design Site's type declaration interface Done 29 Nov David J^T 13 Jul
Add a Hole expression to AST Done 10 Aug David David 04 Aug
Implement type declaration for proxied Java classes Done 13 Dec David J^T 13 Jul
Should the site classpath be automatically added to the include classpath? Disregard J^T 07 Dec
Clean up all scalac warnings Done 3 Aug J^T J^T 14 Jul
Change extractor access to use "unapply" member Done 12 Dec David David 07 Dec
Implement MatchProxy for JavaClassProxy objects Dropped 07 Dec David J^T 14 Jul

Execution environments#

These environments are supported by OrcScala:

  • Orchard Web-based interface
    • Server
    • "Try Orc" (Uses JSON web service front end)
    • Machine Local
    • Mac OS X Standalone (local, might deprecate)
  • Java application
  • Eclipse Plug-in
    • Run (launch configuration)
    • Parse (problem markers)
    • Syntax highlighting
  • Web service interface
    • JSON
    • SOAP

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