!!! Requirements

Here are the features we require from a project hosting site:
* Allow MIT-style license
* Hosting and easy downloading of releases.
* Version control, preferably git or SVN because these are widely used and supported well by Eclipse.
* Issue tracking.

Features we do not require:

* Wiki (we host our own)
* Web hosting (we host our own)
* Mailing lists (we use Google Groups currently)

!!! Possibilites

See also Wikipedia's [Comparison of Free Software Hosting|http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comparison_of_free_software_hosting_facilities].

;self-host: the most flexible and reliable option. Possible to ensure seamless integration with our site and wiki. Requires someone with sysadmin experience to maintain software, install updates, and manage user accounts.
;~BitBucket: supports Mercurial and git
;~GitHub: only supports Git