This page contains a list of projects related to Orc. If you are using Orc or working on a research project involving Orc, please feel free to add your own link and a short description here.

Projects Using Orc#

Verification of Computation Orchestration via Timed Automata, at the National University of Singapore.

Real-Time Rewriting Semantics of Orc and Reduction Semantics and Formal Analysis of Orc Programs at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

From Orc Models To Distributed Grid Java Code

Managing Grid Computations: An Orc-Based Approach

Projects Similar to Orc#

Bip -- Component-based construction. Similar emphasis on combinators and combining components in a structured way.

Minnow -- a "highly-concurrent, hybrid-typed, lightweight programming language". Based on the actor model, incorporates "isolated" actors which are run in a separate scheduler (similar to how Orc runs Java sites in a separate thread pool).

ChucK -- ChucK has many concepts similar to Orc: "strong time" (logical time), "shreds" (threads), "shreduler" (cooperative green thread scheduler), using events and time to synchronize independent processes.

Peter Van Roy has an interesting proposal for "multi-agent dataflow programming" which has some similarities to Orc.

Dana's "answer to the problems of concurrency and event handling is to make the ordering of instructions the syntactic and semantic core of the language".

Esterel, a "synchronous reactive programming language".

Oni, "Embedded Structured Concurrency Language"

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