Creating your account#

Open a new window and go to to follow along with these instructions.

  1. Click the "Log In" link on the top right.
  2. Click the "Register New User" tab.
  3. Enter your desired login ID, password, and password confirmation.
  4. For the "Name" field, enter your first and last name with spaces and punctuation removed, like this: JohnDoe
  5. Enter your e-mail address. Press "Save profile".

New user profiles require approval before they become active.

If you supplied an e-mail address, one of the wiki administrators will let you know when your account has been approved. Alternatively, you might want to come back later and see if you can log in.

Logging in#

After your account is approved, to edit pages, you will need to log in. Simply click the "Log In" link to the top right and enter your username and password to log in.

Using the wiki#

Add new attachment

Only authorized users are allowed to upload new attachments.
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