!!! Version 0.9.7 Released

This is a maintenance release, with no significant new non-experimental features.

* Allow Orc to load include files from the filesystem: use the -I option to specify the include path.
* Experimental support for "isolated" actors which are garbage collected when blocked permanently.
* Adding Record site for creating record-like objects.
* Demo of a compiler backend which translates OIL into Orc-like source text.
* Adding -oil option to Orc compiler to output Oil.
* Report parse errors in include files more clearly. Report a few kinds of parse errors (where backtracking is unwarranted) more clearly.
* Type assertions are now available; write :!: T to assert T as the type of an expression or the return type of a definition.  

* Detect when a program is blocked permanently (sometimes) and halt execution.
* New semantics for nested logical timers: a parent timer can advance when its children are quiescent (as opposed to halted).
* Moving lib.data to lib.state.
* All non-Kilim Java methods and constructors should evaluate in the "sites" thread.
* Publish pattern (!p) has been removed from the language completely.
* Before/After events no longer appear in traces. A future version will restore this functionality.

* Fix parsing of floating point. Bug found by Sydney.
* Fix Eclipse 3.1 compilation issues.
* Fixing OIL->XML serialization error with Orc field values.
* Fixing parse error for "type x = lambda () :: ..."