!!Version 1.0.0 Released

This is our first major release.

Major updates:
* There is now an __Eclipse plugin for Orc__, compatible with Eclipse versions 3.3 and later. It is available from the [Downloads page|https://orc.csres.utexas.edu/download.shtml]. Thanks go to John Thywissen for his hard work in creating this plugin.
* We have introduced __experimental support for exception handling__. Exceptions are [documented|https://orc.csres.utexas.edu/userguide/html/apc.html] in the user guide. Thanks go to Andrew Matsuoka for his hard work in designing and implementing this feature.
* The __static typechecker is now a permanent language feature__. It is no longer experimental, though it is still optional to use. It is [documented|https://orc.csres.utexas.edu/userguide/html/ch04.html] in the user guide. 

Minor updates:
* The {{isolated}} keyword, which creates isolated actors, is now disabled by default; use {{-allowIsolated}} to enable it.
* Parser error reporting has only slightly improved; in particular, the parser will clearly report when an Orc program has no goal expression.
* Relative paths in {{include}} are now relative to the file that contains the declaration, rather than an Eclipse workspace or some system default. The {{-I}} switch still works as before.
* There is now an ''equality pattern'', {{=x}}, which matches against the value bound to {{x}}, rather than binding a value to {{x}}.
* The AST classes within the compiler have been significantly refactored to improve readability.