!! Google Code, Subversion, and v0.9.8

This weekend the project made some major administrative changes.

* Most importantly, we __changed project hosting from ~SourceForge to [Google Code|https://orc.googlecode.com]__. All ~SourceForge services are now deactivated, including CVS and hosting of old releases. Old releases are available in source code form via version control; if there is demand for pre-packaged binaries of old releases, I can put them on Google Code.
* We __changed version control systems from CVS to Subversion__. Google Code has [the SVN repository information|http://code.google.com/p/orc/source/checkout]. For more details on the switch, see MigratingToSvn.
* We __changed [our source code license|http://code.google.com/p/orc/source/browse/trunk/OrcJava/LICENSE] to the "New" BSD license__. The new license has more liberal terms than our previous license (which forbade commercial use) so this should not affect anybody already using our code.
* We __cleaned up our library dependencies__ to ensure we are complying with licensing terms for all bundled third-party libraries.
* We __released version 0.9.8__, primarily to make the binaries available under the new license.