Version 2.1.2 Released#

We have released version 2.1.2 of Orc, a minor update. This release makes no language changes. The release updates Orc's dependencies on Scala and Java to versions 2.12 and 8, respectively.

There are multiple ways to run Orc:

1. Use our Try Orc ( ) feature to experiment with Orc in your Web browser.

2. Use the Orc plug-in for Eclipse, available as "Orc" on the Eclipse Marketplace. (In Eclipse, use the menu item Help > Eclipse Marketplace) If you already have the Orc plug-in for Eclipse installed, use the Check for Updates menu item to get the update.

3. Orc is also available as a standalone JAR which you can use to run programs on the command line. You can download the release archive from GitHub at .

Happy Orcing,

--The Orc Language Research Team

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