This page contains a list of projects related to Orc. If you are using Orc or working on a research project involving Orc, please feel free to add your own link and a short description here.

!!! Projects Using Orc

[Verification of Computation Orchestration via Timed Automata|], at the National University of Singapore.

[Real-Time Rewriting Semantics of Orc|] and [Reduction Semantics and Formal Analysis of Orc Programs|] at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

[From Orc Models To Distributed Grid Java Code|]

[Managing Grid Computations: An Orc-Based Approach|]

!!! Projects Similar to Orc

[Bip|] -- Component-based construction. Similar emphasis on combinators and combining components in a structured way.

[Minnow|] -- a "highly-concurrent, hybrid-typed, lightweight programming language". Based on the actor model, incorporates "isolated" actors which are run in a separate scheduler (similar to how Orc runs Java sites in a separate thread pool).

[ChucK|] -- ~ChucK has many concepts similar to Orc: "strong time" (logical time), "shreds" (threads), "shreduler" (cooperative green thread scheduler), using events and time to synchronize independent processes.

[Peter Van Roy|] has an interesting proposal for "multi-agent dataflow programming" which has some similarities to Orc.

[Dana|]'s "answer to the problems of concurrency and event handling is to make the ordering of instructions the syntactic and semantic core of the language".

[Esterel|], a "synchronous reactive programming language".

[Oni|], "Embedded Structured Concurrency Language"