Index of Key Terms

This index is meant to direct the reader to key terms and concepts in this reference manual. It is not a comprehensive index that lists every occurrence of every term.


(:) (site), (:)
(:=) (function), (:=)
(:>) (site), (:>)
(?) (function), (?)
(/) (site), (/)
(/=) (site), (/=)
(~) (site), (~)
(-) (site), (-)
(*) (site), (*)
(**) (site), (**)
(&&) (site), (&&)
(%) (site), (%)
(+) (site), (+)
(<:) (site), (<:)
(<=) (site), (<=)
(=) (site), (=)
(>=) (site), (>=)
(||) (site), (||)
(0-) (site), (0-)
≤, Subtyping


abs (function), abs
ad-hoc polymorphism, Metatheory
afold (function), afold
algebraic data type, Algebraic Data Types, Datatype
all (function), all
alt (function), alt
altMap (function), altMap
and (function), and
any (function), any
append (function), append
apply, Special Keys, Record Application
argument, Site and Function Calls
argument type, Type, def: Define Function, Adding Type Information
Array (site), Array
arrayToList (function), arrayToList
as, As Pattern
associativity, Operators, Redefining Operators, Precedence, Fixity, and Associativity


block, Blocked
blocked externally, Expression States
blocked internally, Expression States
body, def: Define Function
Boolean, Booleans
Bot, Bot
BoundedChannel (site), BoundedChannel
Browse (site), Browse


call, Site and Function Calls
call pattern, Algebraic Data Types, Call Pattern
Ceil (site), Ceil
Cell, Mutable State, Examples
Cell (site), Cell
cfold (function), cfold
Channel, Examples
Channel (site), Channel
characters (function), characters
character string, Character Strings (see string)
class, import class: Import Class from Java, Sites and Services, Java sites
clause, Clausal Definition
clause failure, Clausal Definition
closure, Closures, Type
collect (function), collect
combinator, Combinators
comment, Comments
common subtype, Meet
common supertype, Join
compose (function), compose
concat (function), concat
cons pattern, Cons Pattern
constant (function), constant
constructor, Algebraic Data Types, import class: Import Class from Java
contravariant, Variance
Counter (site), Counter, Counter
covariant, Variance
curry (function), curry
curry3 (function), curry3


datatype, Algebraic Data Types (see algebraic data type)
def, lambda, def: Define Function
defer (function), defer
defer2 (function), defer2
deflate, Site and Function Calls, Function Execution, Definition
Dictionary (site), Dictionary
divide, Numerics
division, Operations
dot, Operations, Dot Access, Java classes
drop (function), drop


each (function), each
empty (function), empty
erasure, Metatheory
Error (site), Error
exponent, Numerics
expression, Expressions


field, Java objects
fillArray (function), fillArray
filter (function), filter
fixity, Precedence, Fixity, and Associativity
flip (function), flip
floating point, Numerics
Floor (site), Floor
foldl (function), foldl
foldl1 (function), foldl1
foldr (function), foldr
foldr1 (function), foldr1
for (function), for
fork (function), fork
forkMap (function), forkMap
fst (function), fst
function call, Site and Function Calls, Function Calls
function type, Type


goal expression, def class: Define Site in Orc
group (function), group
groupBy (function), groupBy


halt, stop, Otherwise Combinator, Halted, Definition, Helpful Sites
head (function), head
helpful site, Helpful Sites


Iff (site), Iff
Ift (site), Ift
if then else, if then else
ignore (function), ignore
ignore2 (function), ignore2
import site, import site: Import Site
import type, type: Declare Type, Datatype
include, include: Include Orc File
index (function), index
init (function), init
instance, Creating Instances
Integer, Numerics
IntegerTimeOrder (site), IntegerTimeOrder
Interval (site), Interval
Intervals (site), Intervals
invariant, Variance
InvokeExecutable (site), InvokeExecutable
IsXML (site), IsXML
iterableToList (function), iterableToList
IterableToStream (site), IterableToStream


Java, import class: Import Class from Java, Type, Java sites
join, Join
join (function), join
joinMap (function), joinMap


lambda, Type, Type, Type, lambda
last (function), last
length (function), length
lenient, Function Calls, def: Define Function
lenient pattern, Patterns as Parameters
Let (site), Let, Let, Let
linear pattern, Patterns
lines (function), lines
list, Lists
list pattern, List Pattern
listToArray (function), listToArray
listToJavaList (function), listToJavaList
literal pattern, Literal Pattern
logical and, Logical Operators
logical negation, Logical Operators
logical or, Logical Operators


MakeSite (site), MakeSite
map (function), map
max (function), max
maximum (function), maximum
meet, Meet
member, Dot Access
member (function), member
merge (function), merge
mergeBy (function), mergeBy
mergeUnique (function), mergeUnique
mergeUniqueBy (function), mergeUniqueBy
method, def class: Define Site in Orc, Calling Methods, Java classes
metronome (function), metronome
min (function), min
minimum (function), minimum
multimatch, Call Pattern
mutual recursion, Recursion


None (site), None
Number, Numerics, Type


ObservationSubject (site), ObservationSubject
operator, Operators, Precedence, Fixity, and Associativity
or (function), or
OrcVersion (site), OrcVersion
otherwise combinator, Otherwise Combinator, Helpful Sites
override, Type Override


pand (function), pand
parallel combinator, Parallel Combinator
parameter, def: Define Function
parametric polymorphism, Parametric Polymorphism
pattern, Patterns
polymorphism, Metatheory
por (function), por
precedence, Precedence, Fixity, and Associativity
prelude, Library sites
Print (site), Print
Println (site), Println
product (function), product
Prompt (site), Prompt
pruning, val: Bind Value, Definition
pruning combinator, Pruning Combinator
publish, Function Calls, Parallel Combinator, Sequential Combinator, Pruning Combinator, Otherwise Combinator, Publication, Helpful Sites


quiescence, Quiescence


Random (site), Random, Random
range (function), range
rangeBy (function), rangeBy
Rclock (site), Rclock
Read (site), Read
ReadJSON (site), ReadJSON
ReadXML (site), ReadXML
ready, Ready
record, Records
record application, Site and Function Calls
record extension, Operations
record pattern, Record Pattern
recursion, Recursion
recursive type, Type
Ref, Mutable State, Type, Examples
Ref (site), Ref, Ref
repeat (function), repeat
REST, Web Services
reverse (function), reverse
Rtime (site), Rtime
Rwait (site), Rwait


semaphore, Examples, Examples
Semaphore (site), Semaphore
seq (function), seq
seqMap (function), seqMap
sequential combinator, Sequential Combinator
signal, signal
signals (function), signals
signature, Function Type Information
signum (function), signum
silent, Otherwise Combinator, Definition
site, Sites and Services
site call, Site and Function Calls, Site Calls, Dot Access, Operators
site resolution, import site: Import Site
sliceArray (function), sliceArray
snd (function), snd
SOAP, SOAP Web Services
Some (site), Some
sort (function), sort
sortBy (function), sortBy
sortUnique (function), sortUnique
sortUniqueBy (function), sortUniqueBy
sqrt (function), sqrt
stop, stop
strict, Site Calls
strict pattern, Patterns as Parameters
string, Character Strings
String (site), String
subtype, Subtyping
sum (function), sum
sum type, Type, Datatype
supertype, Subtyping
swap (function), swap
synchronized (function), synchronized


Table (function), Table
tag, Algebraic Data Types
tail (function), tail
take (function), take
takePubs (function), takePubs
target, Site and Function Calls, Dot Access
Top, Subtyping, Top
tuple, Tuples
tuple pattern, Tuple Pattern
type alias, Type Alias
type application, Parametric types
type import, Type Import
type inference, Metatheory
type information, Adding Type Information
typing context, Patterns, Typing Contexts


unapply, Special Keys
uncurry (function), uncurry
uncurry3 (function), uncurry3
unlines (function), unlines
unwords (function), unwords
unzip (function), unzip
upto (function), upto
URandom (site), URandom
UUID (site), UUID


val, val: Bind Value, val: Bind Value
value, Data Values, Publication
variable, Variable Pattern
variable pattern, Variable Pattern
variance, Variance
Vawait (site), Vawait
Vclock (site), Vclock
Vtime (site), Vtime


Web service, Web Services
while (function), while
wildcard pattern, Wildcard Pattern
withLock (function), withLock
words (function), words
Write (site), Write
WriteJSON (site), WriteJSON
WriteXML (site), WriteXML


xattr (function), xattr
xml (function), xml
XMLCData (site), XMLCData
XMLElement (site), XMLElement
XMLText (site), XMLText


zip (function), zip
zipWith (function), zipWith