2.8. lambda

Sometimes one would like to create a closure directly, without bothering to give it a name. There is a special keyword lambda for this purpose. By writing a function definition without the keyword def and replacing the function name with the keyword lambda, that definition becomes an expression which publishes a closure.

Note that a lambda cannot create a recursive function, since the function is not given a name in the body.

2.8.1. Syntax

[16]Lambda::= lambda TypeParameters? Parameters ReturnType? = Expression  

2.8.2. Examples

One Two Sum
{- Define a function that sums the results of its argument function
   evaluated with arguments 1 and 2

def onetwosum(f) = f(1) + f(2)

onetwosum( lambda(x) = x * 3 )

  identical to:
  def triple(x) = x * 3


2.8.3. Type

The type of a lambda expression is exactly the type of the closure it creates.

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