Package orc.ast.oil.type

Class Summary
ArrowType An arrow (lambda) type: lambda[n](T,...,T) :: T n is just a type arity, since type variables are nameless in the OIL AST.
Bot The type 'Bot', subtype of all other types.
ClassType A type which refers to a Java class (which we will treat as an Orc type).
Datatype A type encompassing all of the information associated with a datatype.
InferredType A syntactic container for a type inferred during typechecking.
PolymorphicTypeAlias A representation of an aliased type with type parameters.
SiteType A type corresponding to a Java class which subclasses orc.type.Type, so that it can be instantiated as an external Orc type by the typechecker.
Top The syntactic type 'Top', supertype of all other types.
TupleType A type tuple: (T,...,T)
Type Abstract superclass of syntactic types in the OIL AST.
TypeApplication A type instantiation with explicit type parameters: T[T,..,T]
TypeVariable A bound type variable.