Package orc.runtime

Runtime for Orc interpreter.


Interface Summary
Args.NumericBinaryOperator<T> A binary operator on numbers
Args.NumericUnaryOperator<T> A unary operator on numbers

Class Summary
Args Container for arguments to a site.
Globals<H,V> Holds references to objects identified by unique string keys.
Group Every token belongs to a group which decides whether that token is active or not.
IsolatedGroup A token in an isolated group is protected from forced termination.
Kilim Utility methods for Kilim.
Kilim.PausableCallable<V> Pausable computation which returns a value.
Kilim.Promise<V> Wrap a callable in a lazy, concurrency-safe promise.
OrcEngine The Orc Engine provides the main loop for executing active tokens.
ReverseListIterator<E> In Java 6 we can replace this with the builtin decreasingIterator.
Token Representation of an active thread of execution.
TokenPool Implement a token pool to avoid allocating and freeing a lot of tokens.

Package orc.runtime Description

Runtime for Orc interpreter. This includes the runtime DAG, value representations, engine (the actual interpreter), and fundamental sites.