Interface Callable

All Known Implementing Classes:
Add, And, Apply, BoolBinopSite, BoundedBuffer, BoundedBuffer.BufferInstance, Buffer, Buffer.BufferInstance, Cat, Ceil, Cell, Cell.CellInstance, ClassProxy, Closure, ComparisonSite, Cons, Counter, Datasite, Datatype, Dictionary, Div, DotSite, Equal, Error, EvalSite, Exponent, FieldProxy, Floor, Greater, Greq, If, Inequal, IsNone, IsSome, JavaArray, KilimSite, Leq, Less, Let, Ltimer, MatchProxy, MethodProxy, Mod, Mult, Nil, None, Not, ObjectProxy, Or, PartialSite, PopLtimer, Print, Println, Prompt, PushLtimer, Random, Read, ReadText, Record, Ref, Ref.RefInstance, Rtimer, Semaphore, Semaphore.SemaphoreInstance, Site, SiteSite, Some, Sub, SyncChannel, SyncChannel.SyncChannelInstance, Tag, ThreadedObjectProxy, ThreadedPartialSite, ThreadedSite, ThreadSite, TryCons, TryNil, TupleValue, UMinus, URandom, UUID, Write

public interface Callable

Callable objects include sites and definitions


Method Summary
 void createCall(Token caller, java.util.List<java.lang.Object> args, TokenContinuation publishContinuation)
          Create a call to a callable value

Method Detail


void createCall(Token caller,
                java.util.List<java.lang.Object> args,
                TokenContinuation publishContinuation)
                throws TokenException
Create a call to a callable value

caller - token for which the call is being made: points to the call node
args - argument list
publishContinuation - next node after the call node, to which the result should be sent