Orc Tutorial Lectures

This set of four lectures introduce Orc in a tutorial style.

Lecture 1: Orc Calculus

Lecture 1 introduces the Orc calculus, i.e., the combinators. A number of simple synchronization problems are solved.

Lecture 2: Orc Programming Language

Lecture 2 introduces the Orc Programming language, a semi-functional language that embeds the Orc combinators. A number of useful sites are introduced and many example problems are solved.

Lecture 3: Orc Programming Examples

In lecture 3, a number of useful Orc idioms are introduced. Several involved programming exercises illustrate their application.

Lecture 4: Orc Abstraction, Class

In lecture 4, an abstraction mechanism, the class definition, is introduced that permits creating sites in Orc. A number of examples illustrate the various ways in which classes can be used.


Please refer to the Documentation page for further guidance. When you are ready, try Orc yourself.

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