Events which may appear in a trace file.


Interface Summary
Visitor<V> Used to perform a type-case on events.

Class Summary
BlockEvent Thread is blocked waiting for a Future.
ChokeEvent Thread on right-hand side of a where clause was terminated.
DieEvent Always the last event in a thread.
ErrorEvent A fatal error in a thread.
Event Base class for trace events.
ForkEvent Spawning a new thread.
FreeEvent Dummy event used to free a handle to an event.
PrintEvent Printing to stdout.
PublishEvent A top-level publication in a thread.
PullEvent This is just a way to uniquely identify a pull.
ReceiveEvent Return from a site call.
RootEvent The root event is like a ForkEvent but it is its own thread.
StoreEvent Store a value to a future.
UnblockEvent Resume after a BlockEvent.

Package Description

Events which may appear in a trace file. These events are meant to by constructed by corresponding methods on TokenTracer.