Package orc.trace

Generate and query Orc trace files.


Interface Summary
EventCursor Functional cursor in a stream of trace events.
RecordTerm A term with properties (like an object).
Term Terms include Values, Events, and Patterns.
TokenTracer.PullTrace Abstract handle for a pull event
TokenTracer.StoreTrace Abstract handle for a store event

Class Summary
AbstractTracer Implementation for tracers which record events.
BackwardEventCursor Wrap a cursor to provide strong backward references.
DerivedTracer Base class for tracers which delegate to something else.
MinimizeTracer Wrap a tracer to ignore all but the events essential to reconstruct the trace using the same (deterministic) engine.
NullTracer Do-nothing tracer, used when tracing is not enabled.
OutputStreamTracer Serialize and gzip events to an OutputStream.
PrintStreamTracer Write trace events to stdout in human-readable form.
TokenTracer Interface for writing traces from a single Orc thread.
Tracer Interface for tracing an Orc execution.
WeakBackwardEventCursor Wrap a cursor to provide weak back references.

Exception Summary

Package orc.trace Description

Generate and query Orc trace files. An Orc trace file is a gziped sequence of serialized Event Handles. These trace files are written with OutputStreamTracer and read with InputStreamEventCursor. It's possible to define other kinds of tracers and trace formats by providing your own implementation of TokenTracer.